At Invigorate Health and Performance, our chiropractors work much the same as our physiotherapists. They can assess, treat and rehabilitate a range of conditions. Here they don’t just look after spines or only do manual therapy. They work with you to help you recover from your injury and get back to doing what you love.

Our chiropractors use a range of techniques including soft tissue release, mobilisations, manipulations, dry needling, and rehabilitation. All with the aim of restoring your body back to normal to help alleviate stiffness, reduce pain and improve performance.

Conditions our chiropractors can help with include:

Worried about being cracked?

Don’t be. Our chiropractors don’t rely on adjustments. If you are uncomfortable with an adjustment, or if your chiropractor doesn’t deem it to be appropriate they will use other techniques to achieve the exact same result!

We want your results to stick between sessions. That is why our chiropractors have a strong focus on rehabilitating your injury. They will prescribe you a tailored home exercise program to keep you achieving your goals and get you back to the gym, on the field or back to lifting your kids as soon as possible.

We’ve got your back.