Toilet Stools

Taking the taboo out of wee and poo! Ok – that was cheesy but it’s true. No topic is off limits for our women’s health physiotherapists and one that we talk about a lot in the clinic is going to the toilet.

An essential part of women’s health treatment, especially when dealing with incontinence or constipation, is retraining patients to void their bowel and bladder correctly. Yes, there is a correct way to do it! 

Most people sit up straight on the toilet with their feet flat on the floor, which can cause the pelvic floor to tighten making it more difficult to empty the bladder and bowel completely and without strain. This in turn trains the muscles incorrectly and can lead to bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Using The Toilet Stool positions your knees above your hips which allows the pelvic floor to relax for fuller and easier elimination. The Toilet Stool is shaped to fit most Australian toilets and is a compact lightweight design for ease of use.

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