Post-Partum Soothe Recovery Pack

Recovery looks a little bit different for every mother which is why we have created the a variety of different packs for you to chose from.

The Soothe Recovery Pack includes:

Perineal Ice and Heat Pack: When you deliver your baby vaginally or spend time labouring, your perineum is likely to be sore afterwards. The perineal ice pack is used to cool and reduce swelling. For a comfortable fit, it’s shaped to fit the perineum and comes with 5 disposable covers. It’s also the perfect shape to place on a C-section scar to reduce swelling and sooth, or to use heated for after-birth pains. Place in ice water or freezer for approximately 2 hours (or until desired temperature) and apply for 20 minutes at a time. For heat therapy, heat in warm water or in microwave 5 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached. To clean wash with soapy water.

Breast Therapy Ice and Heat Pack Whether you are starting your breast-feeding journey, pumping or bottle feeding, your breasts will become quite tender post-partum. Our breast Therapy Ice and Heat Packs are designed to fit comfortably in your bra to alleviate discomfort. Cold therapy can assist in relieving pain from engorgement, inflammation, mastitis and blocked ducts. Simply place in the freezer for 2 hours or submerge in icy water until desired temperature is achieved. Hot therapy can assist in increasing milk flow and clearing blocked ducts. To heat place in hot water or microwave 5 seconds at a time until desired temperature. To clean wash with soapy water. If you are suffering with mastitis or blocked ducts, our women’s health physiotherapists can provide ultrasound treatment to help you.

Peri Bottle: Let’s be honest, whether you’re healing from a c-section or from a vaginal delivery, post-partum pain is a universal experience for mothers. After a vaginal delivery or time labouring your vagina will be swollen and sore – toilet paper is going to feel like sand paper. If you are recovering from a C-section simply walking is a painful enough experience, let alone twisting to wipe after toileting. A peri bottle is like having your own personal bidet (ooooh fancy!). Simply fill with clean water, tip upside down with the spray tip facing the targeted area and squeeze to spray. Once you are all cleaned up, gently pat yourself dry and refill your peri bottle for next time. To clean wash with soapy water.

Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray: Growing your baby and bringing them into the world is a massive job, and you did it! Well done! Like any hero, you’re probably feeling a bit battered and bruised, which is why we designed Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray. Made in our clinic, our spray uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure we are recommending the best product for you. Our spray is designed to provide cooling relief and promote healing during your post-partum recovery. Simply mist as needed (especially after showering or toileting) and relax, you’ve earned it! Learn more here.

Life can become a bit of a blur when your new baby enters the world. While you are looking after them, we are looking after you.