Invigorate Peri Bottle

Why a Peri Bottle?

Let’s be honest, whether you’re healing from a c-section or from a vaginal delivery, post-partum pain is a universal experience for mothers. After a vaginal delivery or time labouring your vagina will be swollen and sore – toilet paper is going to feel like sand paper. If you are recovering from a C-section simply walking is a painful enough experience, let alone twisting to wipe after toileting. A Peri Bottle is like having your own personal bidet (ooooh fancy!).

Simply fill with clean water, tip upside down with the spray tip facing the targeted area and squeeze to spray. Once you are all cleaned up, gently pat yourself dry and refill your peri bottle for next time. To clean wash with soapy water.

It can also be used with Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray.

Have any questions? Contact us here or book in with our Women’s Health physiotherapist for an assessment.