Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray

If you gave birth vaginally or laboured for some time, chances are your perineum is feeling pretty tender and you need some relief. Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray is designed to provide cooling relief and promote healing during your post-partum recovery.

Invigorate Perineal Recovery Spray is made in our clinic using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure we are recommending the best product for you (with no hidden nasties!). Containing witch hazel, aloe vera juice, chamomile drops and purified water, our spray is designed to soothe your perineum and keep your wounds clean. It can be added to a Peri Bottle or used as a concentrated spray.

To use simply mist as needed (especially after showering or toileting) and relax, you’ve earned it!

Growing your baby and bringing them into the world is a massive job, make sure you book your post-partum check up so we can help make it easier.

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