Invigorate Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium levels play a huge part in recovery by supporting rest, lowering inflammation and reducing muscular pain. You might even recognize our spray from your in-clinic treatments with us. Magnesium Spray is often used and recommended by our practitioners to assist your recovery by:

  • lowering stress and inflammation
  • relieving sore muscles and joints
  • calming your nervous system
  • supporting restful sleep

We wanted to make sure the magnesium we recommended was the best for our patients – so we decided to make it ourselves. 

Invigorate Magnesium Oil is made in our clinic from 100% magnesium flakes and purified water – no hidden extras or fillers. 

When sprayed onto the skin, it allows the magnesium to be rapidly absorbed and targeted to specific areas of the body – making it the most effective and efficient way to improve magnesium levels. Shake well before use.