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When Joseph Pilates created his new method of physical training in the 1920’s, he named it “Contrology” due to the amount of focus and control required for both the body and mind. The goal of this training was to improve balance, core stability, and posture while strengthening your muscles and increasing flexibility. Pilates was developed over the course of many years with the combination of anatomy training, aerobatics, yoga and ancient training methods. All these methods of training have combined to create what we see as modern Pilates. Unlike Pilates for fitness, our group Clinical Pilates sessions are conducted by highly trained physiotherapists. We use Pilates in the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pre and post-natal conditions
  • Prehabilitaiton and rehabilitation of surgical cases
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Poor posture
  • Arthritis

So… What does the research say?

Most of the research surrounding Pilates and pain is focused on patients with chronic lower back pain. A huge number of articles (along with what we see in clinic) shows a statistically significant improvement in pain and functional ability when compared to patients who only performed usual exercise. It has been recommended that sessions are 60 minutes in length and supervised by qualified instructors, with a frequency for two to three times a week. Additionally, the exercises should be individually selected for each participant.

What does Pilates look like at Invigorate?

Our Pilates sessions are 60 minutes and run with a maximum of 4-5 participants with one of our physiotherapists who move you through an array of exercise targeting your “problem” areas.  As you get stronger, we make your exercises harder, increase the resistance and change your program as you improve.

We use several different pieces of equipment in the classes to help improve your strength including:

  • Reformers
  • Trapeze table
  • Wunda chair
  • Bands, balls, Pilates rings and more

What’s the first step?

Booking an induction session! Here one of our physio’s will run you through a full assessment of your body – this includes strength, mobility, flexibility and goals. We then take you into a one-on-one session in the Pilates studio so your physiotherapist can tailor an individual program that targets your condition, needs and limitations to get you back on track!

Our Clinical Pilates program is designed to:

  • Improve your flexibility and balance
  • Increase the strength of your core, hips, back and shoulder muscle groups
  • Help improve your posture and body tone
  • Strengthen important muscles during and post pregnancy
  • Improve your pelvic floor function

Clinical Pilates sessions may also fall into some health insurance rebates – doesn’t that sound exciting. If you are looking for Pilates classes in Narellan then we would love to have you join us at
our clinic. Our physiotherapists are highly trained in how the body moves and functions, making Clinical Pilates safe for anyone of any age or fitness level.

If you would like more information on how Pilate would help you give us a call on (02) 4880 1622 or book an appointment here.



Written by Anouska Symons (Physiotherapist)