About Us

Our mission is to provide practitioners a safe and supportive environment to expand their knowledge to provide long lasting impact of our clients lives.

Our company has strong values. These include; 

  • Be Better
  • Do More
  • Make a Difference
We do this by ensuring we provide every client with a detailed assessment where we set meaningful goals and make a plan to get you back to achieving these. Our practitioners stay up to date with the most effective treatment and rehabilitation techniques to get you back doing what you love in no time. Each client leaves their initial assessment with a treatment action plan outlining their recovery process. 

The biggest thing is that we love your success as much as. you do! It is a journey we love being part of. 

Invigorate Health and Performance, Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Story

Our journey began in 2017 when we opened a small clinic inside a CrossFit Gym. Since then our vision has continued to grow and we are constantly evolving and seeing exciting changes.

In 2018, we expanded into a small Medical Centre in Spring Farm and in 2020 we expanded again into a stand-alone clinic in the Southern Highlands. This then led us to expand again in 2022 to our clinic in Narellan.

These progressions have allowed us to provide our services to a more diverse group of clients, meaning our practitioners are effective in treating any demographic, from any walk of life.

Our Promises