About Us

Our mission is to provide high quality physiotherapy, including treatment and service. Our clients will experience a comprehensive assessment, effective personalised treatment and education about their condition. They will also get results quickly, in a supportive environment.

As a physiotherapy practice, we aim to create a positive environment for our staff and promote work-life balance. Our staff also strive to continually develop their knowledge of treatment, management and rehabilitation to be at the top of their game.

Invigorate Health and Performance, Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Story

Our journey began in 2017 when we opened a small clinic inside a CrossFit Gym. Since then our vision has continued to grow and we are constantly evolving and seeing exciting changes.

In 2018, we expanded into Spring Farm Medical Centre and in 2020 we expanded again into a stand-alone clinic in the Southern Highlands.

This has seen us provide our services to a more diverse group of clients, meaning our practitioners are effective in treating any demographic, from any walk of life.

Our Promises